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We provide time-sensitive Courier and Dispatch Software that enables your company to be it's very best. We have been a Software Developer and Provider since 1978, with a mission to provide “Software that Works”. We are based in Delaware, with hundreds of installations and over fourty years in business and we offer the most reliable and efficient software in the industry.


Ascar® has worked with hundreds of delivery firms and has computerized just about every type of transportation carrier. We offer a choice of software solutions with many different features to choose from to better fit your company requirements.

Our Classic Dispatch software. It manages all of the different requirements any logistics company may ever need. From the order entry process to the dispatch, tracking, POD, signature capture to the Invoicing and Accounting. It manages payroll, Driver compensation, contractor settlement.

Our software can be configured to be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. We'll find the perfect fit for each company and remove the unnecesary parts.

Or, upgrade to Level 2 for even more features!


Our software is designed specifically for time-sensitive courier operations. It is an integrated software solution that provides Order-Entry, Dispatching, Rating, Billing, Receivables, Settlements and Report Writer programs all in one. See the different Features below!

The most comprehensive order entry module for your clients, over the web. Give your customers the ability to enter their own orders, manage them, get POD's or see invoices, get order reports, or print shipping labels using Web-Pak.

You'll get your own Branded web portal that is highly customizable for each of your different clients and can be set to behave differently on demand.

Ultra simple, or highly sophisticated. Any way you need it!

All the information your drivers need, in the palm of their hands

They will be able to update all information related to the delivery, update the order status, get directions on addresses, GPS directions, interact with digital maps for further instructions. Even continuing to working even when networks are out of reach with our signature off-line mode, recording changes while internet is not available.


It allows the configured driver to receive, track and update orders in the field, in real time. Our app will work even whithout an internet connection and then update all the information back to the server when it connects again.

Signature Capture

Get your Pickup and Delivery signatures using any mobile device, such as phones or tablets without having to spend any money on expensive equipment.

Waiting time calculations

Our software will calculate waiting times automatically and then price it correctly according to your pricing settings.

Photo Attachments and Comments

Your drivers will be able to add images and pictures that will get attached to the orders and mailed if necessary. They can also send comments back to the dispachers, real time.

Multi-language Support

Our App can be used in English or Spanish.

Driving Directions

You can get driving instructions to any addresses and use any GPS software you like best, straigt from the app in one tap.

Different Sorting options

DYou can sort your orders by ETA, delivery Status, etc. So that each driver can configure their apps the way they like it best.

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Every company has different equipment so we have developed our Apps tu run in your current set-up. There is no need to buy expensive equipment. We have clients that use tablets for better reading and signature capture. And clients that like the simplicity of having everything in their pockets. Have it any way you like it!

Our GPS fleet manager.

Get total control your fleet. Real time.

Coming soon!


We offer different packages to accommodate different requirements. Our software is designed to grow with your company adding more features on demand. You can start with a basic package and then add more features in the future.

Delivery Basic


per month with 6 month S.A.A.S. Agreement

  • Dispatcher 7 for a single user on our Cloud Server
  • Order Entry, Dispatch, Rating, Billing, Receivables, Driver Compensation, Management Reports and technical Support
  • -
  • -
  • -

Delivery Plus


per month with 12 month S.A.A.S. Agreement

  • Dispatcher 7 for 10 total users on our Cloud Server
  • Order Entry, Dispatch, Rating, Billing, Receivables, Driver Compensation, Management Reports and technical Support
  • Ascar Driver App for up to 20 drivers
  • Web-Pak
  • -

Delivery Premier


per month with 12 month S.A.A.S. Agreement

  • Dsipatcher 7 for 20 total users on our Cloud Server
  • Order Entry, Dispatch, Rating, Billing, Receivables, Driver Compensation, Management Reports and technical Support
  • Ascar Driver App for up to 50 drivers
  • Web-Pak
  • Hosted on an Ultra fast server

You can also have a complete custom solution if your company has some specific requirements. Let us know and we'll build it for you and integrate it in our current ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes, all of our packages include 24/7 customer support.
We'll also help you learn how to use the software and configure it properly.
Our experts have worked closely with our clients for years and are ready to answer any question you may have.

Our specialist will help you enter all the required information so we can get you started in no time.
We'll also help you configure your pricing schemes, contractors, drivers and any other information so that your transition is seamless.

Yes, you can have it any way you like it. Our software is designed to use 0 paper, but some clients still prefer to have paper backups of Orders and Invoices. We'll accommodate any option you prefer.

Our Clients

We have worked with hundreds of delivery firms over the course of our 42 years in business.


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